– Upload Your Design

Costco Business Printing allows you to upload and print your own completed product design.

To upload your design: 

  1.  Log in to your account and select a product from the main menu.
  2. Then, click Upload Your Design.
  3. Now, set your product options. The options vary between products, but often include the size, orientation and finish of your product. Learn more about product specifications. 
  4. When you’re done setting your product options, click Continue.
  5. Review the Upload Guidelines pop-up for size and bleed details, accepted file formats and recommended file prep. Download the product design template if needed.
  6. Click Upload to choose an image source and select your design, or drag and drop your design onto the template. Learn more about uploading images and logos.

  7. Your design will now appear on the template. Review your design.
  8. If your product has multiple sides, click Back or Inside, then click Upload to add the design for that side.
  9. When you’re finished with your design, click Continue.
  10. On the Approve Your Design page, review your design. If you need to go back and make changes, click Edit. If you approve your design, click Add to Cart
  11. The product will now appear in your shopping cart.

Product Specifications

For product options and specifications, select a product:

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