Uploading: Technical Support

If you are having trouble and require technical support for uploading images, please contact member support.

Supported Browsers

Costco Business Printing supports the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, and Microsoft Edge

Supported Mobile Devices and Browsers

Costco Business Printing officially supports the following mobile devices and mobile browsers:

  • Devices: iPhone 6 and above, Samsung Galaxy S6 and above, and iPad 3
  • Mobile browsers: Safari (for iPhone, iPad) and Google Chrome (Samsung)

Supported File Types, Sizes and Content

Costco Business Printing supports the following file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .png, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, and .gif.

The maximum individual file size that can be uploaded is 50 MB. 

Image and project storage is unlimited as long as you maintain an active account with Costco Business Printing. To learn more about maintaining an active account, click here. 

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